would you join the marines or any type of armed forces

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the evil one wrote:
08aisaac wrote:I am sincerely sorry that I posted that. I can't delete it though and I wanted to know if spaced words would post. Won't happen again. :oops:

what the shampoo are you talking about you shampoo jew. shampoo your stupid
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Im going to the Corps after college. I figure I've been given the opportunity to not have to worry wether I will be shot or starve to death on a daily basis so the least I can do is serve in the armed forces for a few years.

And not all Marines are nuts. Just a small and well publicized minority. There are about 100,000 Marines and about 10 of those go off the deep end. The guy that had an extreme road rage case with an AK-47 here in kentucky, the guy who shot people from that bell tower back in the 60's, and Lee Harvey Oswald are well known ones. 99% are normal people. I know a few, they're not crazy, just.... dedicated. :P

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