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BF2 special forces

Postby Lexon Avery » Tue Jan 10, 2006 9:18 pm

ok well ill have to get it to you guys some how, but the expanision is really fun, adding night to things really make the graphics look nice, and those hard to reach place's in the game become a lot easyer to get to with a few select weapons kits come with a rope, and graplling* hook. y the special ops and snipers have zip lines that real come in handing for those fast exits and running away from that artilliry.

also three new teams are added into the mix, the SAS (british), the russians, and rebels (what is the dif between rebel and terrorist we may never know) the russians have the same weapons as the rebels and the MES, but the british have all new nice weapons and the use the american sniper rifle though. the amercans are left with 2 upgraded weapons, assulte and spl. ops. have have a new weapon just one is a large cal. then the other.

oh and did i say night vision...take that doom and ur stupid flash light.
there are a few new rides as well but ill leave them for u to discover along with some other weapons.

I know you guys dont hit up on the BF2 as much as i do, or thinks its as great of game as i do, but playing with the expanison is fun even if u just play bots, oh and if u want to play it u need to have the BF2 install disc, as well as having bf2 installed. and once i find it at walmart it will be added to my games i paid for list hehe.

oh and dJ_007 what name do u go by on BF2...??
have u unlocked any weapons legaly?
if u want the spl. forces ill put it on DVD and bring it to u at the next b-ball game.

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